Asbestos Analysis and Testing


If you need to find out if a material contains asbestos we offer nationwide asbestos sample testing and analysis through our network of participating UKAS accredited laboratories.

The volume of samples we process allows us to provide you with fantastic prices whether you are an individual sending us a single sample or a surveying company sending us large batches. Our clients include shops, farmers, chartered surveyors and environmental consultancies. All of our participating laboratories are UKAS accredited to EN ISO 17025 for ‘asbestos sample analysis’.


Sending us a sample for asbestos testing

It is often safe to take samples of asbestos containing materials yourself as long as the correct procedure and safety precautions are followed.

We can provide instructions on what can be sampled and how to take the samples if required.

Each sample should be double bagged in sealable polythene bags - sandwich bags are perfect.

Ensure each sample is numbered and has details of where the sample was taken from.

Send samples in a jiffy type envelope or box to the office address (below).

Please ensure packaging is marked "laboratory samples - may contain asbestos"




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