Surrogate Sampling

A surrogate material is usually a low toxicity material that can replace an API for the purpose of evaluating containment devices in cases when the use of the API in question is not advisable, e.g., when its potency creates an unacceptable risk for such activity, or when an analytical method is unavailable for the API in question.

It may be desirable to use a surrogate material, to simulate potential emissions through processing or from equipment, as a substitute for sampling an API.

There can be several reasons for selecting surrogates including:
·      History of surrogate use in the facility
·      Hazardous nature of the API of interest
·      Availability of test methods
·      Cost of material

We can cater for a range of surrogates, from lactose and naproxen sodium to less commonly used materials such as riboflavin, all to suit your business needs, cleaning validation and GMP requirements.  Each have their preferred applications, pros and cons and one of our team would be happy to discuss these with you.

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