Containment Performance Assessments of Existing Equipment (Field Testing)

We carry out a range of testing to ensure that your current processes or equipment pieces are capable of meeting their containment performance targets providing you with a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your equipment and processing operations.

  • This provides a range of benefits to a site, including:
  • ·       verify containment levels of equipment when bringing in newer or more potent substances
  • ·       confirming control of product in a process stream
  • ·       giving customers confidence in the capabilities of a site (e.g. for CDMOs)
  • ·       Verify processes after a reduction in an OEL
  • ·       Allows you to evaluate a systems containment capability and set a baseline of performance
  • ·       Allows a site to assess the manufacturers claims against their own SOPs and use of the
         equipment on site.
  • ·       Minimal downtime or lost production time as testing can be done on live, scheduled batches.
  • We carry out equipment testing for all manner of control approach including:
  • ·       Local exhaust ventilation (including benchtop capture hoods)
  • ·       Downflow booths
  • ·       Laminar flow hoods
  • ·       Ventilated enclosures
  • ·       Vacuum transfer
  • ·       Rigid isolators
  • ·       Flexible Isolators
  • ·       Closed transfer systems

·       We can also tailor our sampling approaches to suit bespoke systems on your site.

We work with each client on an individual basis to identify manufacturing risks, plan a sampling strategy, conduct exposure assessments and provide recommendations, identifying potential sources of exposure and improvement opportunities.

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